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Use SIP Client softphone with your Google Voice account – Free!

Since Google does not support SIP, what you need to do to get around the restriction is get an alternate SIP account, connect it to a 2nd phone number, and the forward your Google Voice to this number.

This is how you can do it for Free!

1. Get a SIP account from

  • (Its free and just take a minute to create an account)

2. Get an IPKall phone number from

  • Create an account and use your from step 1 and they will give you a USA phone number for free.

3. Get a Google voice number (if you don’t have one yet) and forward it to your new IPKall phone number from step 2.

4. Setup your softphone using your account info.

  • I like the free client called Zoiper. ¬†you can get it here.

Thats it!

Now your Google Voice inbound calls will ring on your SIP client!