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iCode was founded in 1989, and has had an incredible journey over the years with multiple successful hardware and software engineering ventures.   While the founders of iCode have all moved on to create many other successful ventures, this site’s purpose is is to serve as a repository and social hub for iCode fans.   Together we can discuss all kinds of awesome development projects, post general how to’s, tips/tricks, and any other technology related topics.

Lets see how this progresses and I have no doubt the iCode legacy will continue to live on.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to iCode Software

  1. Robert York

    I have a client that uses Everest advanced edition v4.0.2 and we are looking into upgrading our file server from server 2003. Can you send me a link or the specs that are required for a server to run everest?

    Thank you,


    1. Ali Jani

      Gosh, Its been a long time since I’ve played with Everest (last time was 2009). I am sure it will be a trial and error thing to get things to work on Server 2012 if it works at all. Everest uses Distributed COM heavily and its a bit tricky to get it all working. From a hardware perspective, nothing special was needed, just lots of memory and a fast hard drive. I am sure the system will probably fly on newer hardware. you might also have problems with licensing (hopefully you have all the old install disks and your license information). Let me know how your trial goes as I am sure others will be asking similar questions as Server 2003 goes to end of life soon. FYI: This article shows you how to enable DCOM on 2012. Good luck.

      BTW, if you ever want to think about a new solution, check out Acumatica. This is a far superior solution overall and where I decided to move when I departed Everest.


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